Friends of the Amazon Forest and Folk

Conviva Brazil

Conservation and Coexistence


 The focus of Conviva Brazil is to promote education and ecology in at-risk ecosystems and low-income communities (including favelas), 

especially in Brazil's Eastern Amazon.  



 We partner with amazing local organizations fighting for conversation in the Amazonian region and the well-being of its diverse peoples. 

Help us take support their efforts!



    Our current work is supporting the Associação Cultural Zambo Capoeira (ASCZAC) in its important work with at-risk youths in Belém’s low-income neighborhoods of Jurunas and Outeiro.

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We're a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization registered  with the

US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) since July 2000 (EIN: 391955657).

We are also registered with the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions (since 1999).

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